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2015 Coming to a Close

2015 has been a whirlwind year for us and it is finally coming to a close. We are both so excited for 2016, we have so much planned and so many great adventures coming our way. In January alone we will be visiting with 5 different groups of friends and family coming down to the beautiful Mayan Riviera. February we… Read more →


Summer Recap – A Month in Winnipeg was the Perfect Amount of Time Back Home

It’s hard to believe that the summer has already come and gone, although the weather doesn’t help much when you live in a tropical paradise and “every day is summer”. Obviously, this statement isn’t quite the truth, as temperatures do still fluctuate even in warmer, South of Canada climates. The fluctuations are obviously not so extreme, and there’s still no… Read more →


Coming Soon: Tips & Advice for Planning your Dream Destination Wedding

Hola friends, followers and all around amazing people. Over the coming months we will be putting together a collection of first hand tips and advice for planning your perfect destination wedding. We’ll be writing about, and interviewing travel agents, wedding planners, florists and even other photographers so that we can help anyone who is looking for advice when it comes… Read more →


It’s a Spring of Spawns

Now that we’ve reached Level: Adult, it means being surrounded by same-age family members, friends, and friends of friends who are each spawning their own little ones. This is a whole new chapter in so many of our friends lives currently, and it was a real treat having the opportunity to watch these lovely ladies celebrating their first mother’s day… Read more →


Making Friends, Saying Goodbyes, and Teasers!

We are pleased to say that work has been coming in steady, and we’ve been busy busy busy, to say the least. The months seem to fly by, and sometimes it’s hard to even catch a spare breath. That being said, we are having an absolute blast with it all. There have been new friendships formed with couples we have had the pleasure to photograph, and there has been some sad goodbyes with friends living in the Mayan Riviera for the winter months, who have since moved back home. This also means no more dogsitting for one of the couples, which was also a nice change of pace, and a refreshing change, mainly because their girl was such a sweetheart. Just look at those eyes! Read more →