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Making Friends, Saying Goodbyes, and Teasers!

We are pleased to say that work has been coming in steady, and we’ve been busy busy busy, to say the least. The months seem to fly by, and sometimes it’s hard to even catch a spare breath. That being said, we are having an absolute blast with it all. There have been new friendships formed with couples we have had the pleasure to photograph, and there has been some sad goodbyes with friends living in the Mayan Riviera for the winter months, who have since moved back home. This also means no more dogsitting for one of the couples, which was also a nice change of pace, and a refreshing change, mainly because their girl was such a sweetheart. Just look at those eyes! Read more →


Busy is a Good Thing

When it comes to writing blog posts here, sometimes I wonder what is appropriate to write about, and what isn’t, and that feels all sorts of strange. I know I am writing this blog post on behalf of the company, and thus is should still be company related, or at least travel related, pertinent to both myself and Matt. But… Read more →

Candy & Francis Honeymoon at Grand Palladium

Free Couple’s Session with Jasmin & Matt

To celebrate Matt’s upcoming 27th birthday (December 6th), as well as the upcoming Holiday season, we are offering a complimentary couple’s session! And thus, we are on the lookout for an adventurous, down-to-earth couple travelling to Playa del Carmen, and the surrounding areas that make up the Mayan Riviera, interested in the opportunity to have a photography session with us. We are looking for a… Read more →


Happy American Thanksgiving!

There has been so much going on with our lives currently, it’s almost unreal! I feel like the month of November only just started, but somehow I find myself sitting in front of the computer, looking at the bottom of my screen and thinking “when did it become the 27th of November”? I guess that’s simply what happens when you… Read more →


IMPORTANT! Contact form technical issue

Just a quick update. Unfortunately we just found out that our contact form hasn’t been sending messages to our email account so if you’ve attempted to message us and we haven’t responded this would be the reason. If you’ve sent us a message and we haven’t responded please take a moment to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected] We… Read more →