Weather in the Mayan Riviera

Temperature, Rain & Sun

The following is the current temperature and short term forecast for Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We use Playa del Carmen as a point of reference due to its central location in the Mayan Riviera. Temperature and precipitation may change depending on your exact location but should be relatively similar.

Temperatures are in Celsius.

Average Monthly Temperatures – Celsius

Playa del Carmen, and the Mayan Riviera as a whole, have beautiful weather year-round, with temperatures that peak in the late summer months around July, August & September. This is important to note as you should have no issues booking your wedding during these months but you must be vigilant for both yourself and your guests. These high temperatures, high humidity, and sunny days can cause you to dehydrate very quickly and lead to fainting, nausea and heat/sun stroke.

Average Monthly Precipitation – Millimetres

With the heat of the late summer comes more rain, and what most refer to as hurricane season. The rain in the Mayan Riviera can leave as fast as it arrives. Bursts of showers can last seconds to minutes and dump large amounts of cooling water to help with the heat.

Don’t let the threat of a little rain ruin your wedding plans. As mentioned, the rain can come and go very quickly. If possible, having an area with adequate coverage for guests and the wedding party, may be advised should there be periods where shelter is required. Also, keep in mind, wedding photos in the rain can be incredibly beautiful.

If you’re not deterred by the possibility of getting a little wet, why not take advantage of the lower travel costs during these seasons hot and humid down seasons?

Sunrise, Sunset & Solar Noon

Sunrise and sunset in the Mayan Riviera are nothing short of spectacular. Reds, oranges, purples and blues fill the sky as the rising and dimming light play with the clouds spanning across the horizon. We suggest planning your ceremony for 2-3 hours prior to the time of sunset. This way we can take full advantage of the pretty and flattering natural lighting at this time.

Solar noon is the time of day when the sun transits the celestial meridian, roughly at the highest point above the horizon. Why is this important? When the sun is high in the sky, not only is it hot but the downward pointing sunlight creates very heavy shadows under the nose, eyes and jawline. The photographs can, in turn, become very high in contrast. That advice aside, we both have photographic experience working in all types of lighting, and if you anticipate scheduling your wedding ceremony around noon, we promise that you will still have beautiful, one of a kind photographs no matter where the sun is positioned in the sky, and what shadows it may cast.

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