We had such a blast during this shoot. Brian and I tried to make each other laugh during the shoot and @jasminandmattphoto captured it perfectly!
I reached out to @jasminandmattphoto just a few weeks before our trip, not anticipating they would have availability. I meant to share only a few details about our lives, relationship, and what we’re looking for; and ended up pouring my heart out to Jasmin. She responded so genuinely, with exactly the words I needed to hear. Jasmin and Matt were even more lovely in person, everything about the session was comfortable. So much so, we kinda forgot they were there at times. More than once, Brian and I got lost in our moment and realized after several minutes they had stopped shooting and were ready to reposition. THAT’S what you want in a couple’s photoshoot. I had no idea someone could take two awkward, goofy people and turn us into a magazine cover. Thank you @jasminandmattphoto 💜