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Ibarra Family

Photo Session at Xaman-Ha Ruins in Playacar

Erin contacted us expressing an interest in having their¬†family vacation to the Riviera Maya documented, as they were travelling to celebrate her parents marriage of 40 years. Obviously we were drawn in by the adorable story itself, and always love the opportunity to schedule a family photo session in our calendar. Erin’s parents were celebrating their 40th anniversary in Playa Del Carmen, surrounded by their three adult children and their respective partners, plus their three grandchildren (Erin’s daughters). We had a wonderful time enjoying the heat and humidity offered to us by Mother Nature, and couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to photograph this fabulous bunch enjoying a family vacation together. We even made a point of taking time with each individual couple so we could capture¬†some more intimate moments between loved ones, to compliment the group photos and family pairings.