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Ottawa Anniversary Photography

Kara & Vince

1st Wedding Anniversary in Ottawa Ontario & Gatineau Quebec

It was wild to realize that a year had come and gone since Kara & Vince’s Mayan Riviera wedding near Playa Del Carmen, and anniversary photos were requested to be done before the holiday season was in full effect. We packed up our equipment and drove out to their home in Gatineau, Quebec to spend time with the couple in their home, as well as drive into Canada’s capital, Ottawa, in Ontario, to spend a crisp, sunny afternoon wandering around the Parliament. The grounds were icy, the temperatures were less than ideal, but we were determined to make it work. Charlie accompanied us, their loving Shiba Inu, and seemed to enjoy being the centre of attention. We were bundled up, and exploring the nooks and crannies of the surrounding area to come across benches, brick walls and find ourselves underneath bridges in interesting pathways.

Finally, the cold had gotten the best of us, with frozen toes and fingertips we could no longer feel, so it seemed as good a time as any to jump into the vehicle and change locations. Beforehand, though, we decided to grab some Starbucks coffee, warm ourselves from the inside out, and head back to Gatineau. We walked along the walkway, near the water, in Aylmer, Quebec, and relaxed in a quaint gazebo.

Kara couldn’t resist suggesting we all pay a visit to the infamous cake shop Gateau Néo. This is the same cake shop that Kara & Vince special ordered icing for their wedding cake, to transport to Mexico and use during their destination wedding. The choices were overwhelming, mostly because choosing only a half dozen cupcakes proved to be difficult. The owners of the shop were delighted to have photographers in the store, and more importantly, thrilled to see some of their regulars. After deciding on which cupcakes to purchase, we called it a wrap, and headed back to their home to enjoy the sweet treats that rewarded all our cold winter bravery.

Kara & Vince
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