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Tanya & Charles

Aussie-Brit Couple Take it Easy in the Heart of Playa Del Carmen

May is likely one of, if not THE, busiest month for weddings in the Riviera Maya, but that also means there’s plenty of other love birds taking advantage of the low season prices too. Whether it is to enjoy a honeymoon vacation, anniversary celebration, recent engagement, or just to get away from the stress and chaos of their everyday lives, there are plenty of couples flocking to Quintana Roo before the heat and humidity takes over the state in the summer months. And so was the case for the amazing Aussie-Brit couple we had the pleasure of photographing towards the end of May. As it turns out, Tanya and Charles have both done a fair bit of travelling together, and were doing a bit of touring around the Southern parts of Mexico during their vacation from the place they currently call home, the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. Charles moved to the Land Down Under a decade ago, and had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Tanya 3 years later. After a four years of dating, they decided to marry, and after 3 years of marriage, Tanya decided to surprise her beau with the couple’s photo session since their wedding had been fairly overwhelming (as weddings often are) and she felt they never really had a chance to just relax with the photo taking portion of their day. It is easy to say that you will be in control and remember everything, but the day gets ahead of itself, and everyone else there, and before you know it you’re smearing cake in each other’s face, throwing your bouquet into a sea of single ladies and have actually finally stopped caring about the state of your hair/make-up/dress/shoes, wondering where did the day go and are you actually now officially husband and wife? So we were very pleased when Tanya commented that not only did they have a blast with us photographing them madly in love, but that it was everything she had wanted and more. Understandably, when booking a romantic session for two, it makes sense to be nervous so we’re always more than happy to hear that Matt and I are able to work out magic as a team to bring people back in to their comfort zone, which makes for beautiful photos and special moments caught on camera.

Tanya & Charles

It didn’t take long for either of these two to loosen up in front of the camera, and just be themselves. We encourage our couples to forget the cameras are watching, and to just make each other smile, giggle, laugh, and let us capture those raw and tender moments. There’s so many great shots with one of them whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ear, and those moments translate so well in the photos. Charles’ calm and cool demeanour had me forgetting that back home he is a doctor. And Tanya’s soft chuckles and adorable smiles may seem uncharacteristic of someone who also works a high-stress job as a social worker. But these two thirty-somethings were in their element, completely involved with the excitement of their vacation and their time away from work and other stresses in their day-to-day lives. It’s no wonder though, with jobs like theirs, that this couple enjoys outdoor activities like camping and fishing, albeit some more into the activities than others, but both enjoy them nonetheless. It also should have come as no surprise, then, that these two are world travellers as well. It was refreshing to be able to casually chat with a couple who have visited places we hope to visit ourselves, such as Thailand. Hearing others talk about their worldly experiences always has me extra eager to travel myself, but as we all know, patience is a virtue, and in due time our turn will come. Until then, we will keep living vicariously through the couples we photograph, and sharing our experiences living in Playa del Carmen with them as well. Tanya and Charles had wondered about good places to eat while they were staying in town, and were ecstatic when we were able to point them in the right direction to satisfy a multitude of cravings. Due to this exchange, they were able to enjoy some killer street tacos and some of the best street tamales in town. More importantly, however, after our hour wrapped up, they decided to take our advice and treat themselves to a delicious dinner at our favourite sit-down restaurant in Playa del Carmen, Plank. And they had an amazing dinner and experience just as we expected they would.

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