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Tanya & Mario

Sizzling Sexy Couple Session on the Beach near Playa Punta Esmeralda

Back in December, when we found ourselves with a lull for work and a hankering to photograph a couple blissfully in love, we initially posted via Social Media that we were looking for an adventurous couple that wasn’t afraid to get wet in clothing, and willing to roll around a bit on the sand. Tanya was exceptionally quick to send us a message, within less than 24 hours of our post as a matter of fact. After setting up a date and location closer to the Holidays, Tanya had the misfortune of hurting her leg and was unable to make it. Needless to say, we were more than happy to reschedule, and as it turns out, so were Mario and Tanya. After a few exceptionally busy months at their centrally located hostel, Bendito Rancho, we were able to find a time that worked for both our schedules to finally have the, by now Infamous, beach photo shoot. Leading up to the date, we stopped in to meet Tania, see the hostel they have had up and running since summer 2014, and to be able to finally put faces to names. The hostel is adorably cute and quaint, perfectly located close to the beach and the excitement that 5th Avenue has to offer, without dealing with the noise that sometimes makes sleeping at night a bit difficult. The furniture for the different co-ed and same gender shared rooms were mostly made by Mario, and they even roast and grind their own coffee beans on site. So, if you’re ever travelling through Playa del Carmen and want an inviting hostel with great staff, great coffee, great accommodations, and a great location, then do yourselves a favour and contact Tanya or Mario via their website, or even through their Facebook page Bendito Rancho Hostel. Honestly, having toured the entire hostel ourselves, and meeting some of the staff on hand, plus saying hello to some travelers while they were relaxing in their rooms, we can really get behind this business and you won’t be disappointed with your decision. We were all very thrilled at the opportunity to photograph this free-spirited and entrepreneurial couple, and furthermore, are looking forward to a follow up couple session exploring a cenote.

Tania & Mario

In the meantime, however, it should be noted that the couple session we photographed at Playa Punta Esmeralda went exceptionally well. Tanya and Mario are truly naturals in front of the camera, interacting with each other without so much as a suggestion from us. Talk about making our job an easy one! And here we went into this being advised of Mario’s dislike for being in front of the camera. That statement never once felt like a true statement. Even when there were rocks lining the floor of the beach to get to that log in these shots, and despite some waves nearly knocking them over a handful of times, Mario kept his cool, kept his thoughts collected, and looked ever the charming gentleman, graceful and suave. And the rest of the evening progressed much the same. The energy these two give off is electric and infectious, keeping everyone in great spirits and laughing. Hard to believe that there was much laughter between shots considering how steamy and sultry a lot of these photos wound up being. This adventurous duo braved thorns and burrs among the foliage, and did it all in stride. And even when they thought the camera wasn’t watching, it always was. It always is, because we always are. And that, in turn, proved to be a great asset when it comes to wanting a healthy blend of smokin’ hot shots and some more intimately sweet photos. The time passed rather quickly, and before we knew it the sun was starting to set, the waves were starting to crash a bit more aggressively, and everyone seemed fairly contented with how things managed to flow so smoothly. We chatted a bit more towards the end, and of course, that is when the possibility of a second shoot at the friend’s private property cenote came up. And if there was something to note from the paragraph above, is that it’s worth noting we are exceptionally excited at the opportunity to work with these charming couple again, and let everyone’s creativity flow in a different setting. There will be nothing but good things to come from that.

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