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Lisa & Tyson

Secluded Do-It-Yourself Wedding at Playa del Secreto Villa Luna y Sol

We were in for a treat when it came to Lisa and Tyson’s DIY (Do-It-Yourself) wedding at a private villa. This wedding happened to be our first for a few important things. It was our first completely do-it-yourself wedding, from the flowers that were all entirely purchased from the local Walmart, to the symbolic ceremony that was arranged, organized and headed by those involved in the wedding party, to the set up for the dinner portion of the evening and the bar-tending throughout the reception. And to say it was an amazing experience, and wonderfully executed, is an understatement. Lisa, Tyson and all their friends and family did a spectacular job with everything related to the wedding, and it made the day that much more laid-back and stress-free, with less of a focus on our watches and schedules, and more of a focus on the excitement of these two officially tying the knot. It was also our first opportunity enjoying the freedom of a private property located in the Playa del Secreto portion of the Mayan Riviera, tucked away near the small fishing town of Puerto Morelos. By the time we had arrived, the ladies were mostly done getting ready, just requiring some minor touch ups on hair and makeup, though still clad only in their matching robes for the photo opportunity. Before long, they were shimmying their way into their loose-fitting, flowing bridesmaids dresses, until they were eagerly ready to help the lovely Lisa into her wedding dress. Needless to say, she looked spectacular, and was ready to get on with the first look between her and Tyson so the rest of the casualness of the day could continue.

Lisa & Tyson

The day itself played out in a less formal manner, with the decision to photograph the couple as newlyweds before the ceremony rather than waiting until after, so we were able to capitalize on the early afternoon sun, and guaranteeing the shots would be free from any running make up or messy hair, due to weather or emotions. It was a refreshing change, photographing the two of them pre-ceremony, with everyone staying back to start with chair and table set ups for the dinner reception following the ceremony. The property, called Villa Sol y Luna, that they leased for the week, sleeps 20+ people, has a pool table, numerous bathrooms, and it even has a private pool in addition to private beach access. The bold yellow facade stood out like a sore thumb on the road, in all its inviting grandeur, and we certainly wanted to take advantage of the photo opportunities available to incorporate such a great structure into some of the newlyweds creatives. The grounds were immaculately kept, and as it turns out the groundskeeper stays in a small guesthouse hear the colonial-inspired villa. Not surprisingly, however, the time escaped us rather quickly, and before we knew it, we were headed back to the backyard for Lisa’s final table layout approval, while doing any necessary touch-ups to hair and makeup, followed by the pinning of Tyson’s boutonniere. This was strategically done before the ceremony for maximum freshness of the flowers for the photos that we’d be photographing during the duration of the procession. The last thing we would have wanted would have been wilted petals due to extreme heat and humidity during the creatives session.

The private villa they rented was at the end of the row of homes, which meant there were no awkward spectators, no intrusive gawkers taking in the awe of the ceremony, and the excitement of a beach wedding. It was definitely a blessing in disguise that we were unaware of until noticing later, going through photos, there wasn’t a soul to be seen. That is definitely one of the biggest complaints you hear regarding destination weddings in the Mayan Riviera. The question on every couple’s lips is always “but what about the old guy in a speedo, who stops and stares?” and unfortunately, the only response is “that’s just part of a beach wedding in a tourist heavy environment”. We all know that none of these spectators mean any ill will, and instead want to offer their congratulations post-ceremony, thriving off the energy emanating from the couple. Unfortunately, though, this still frustrates everyone involved with the wedding when it comes to looking through the photos afterwards. And we are more than ecstatic to say that that wasn’t the case this time round. The Villa Sol y Luna was a fantastic choice, and there wasn’t one guest that would disagree, for these reasons and so much more. The ceremony was cute and quaint, where many laughs and tears were shared among everyone, all happy to finally see this couple saying their vows. Once the ceremony had wrapped up, and guests began heading back to the bar for some celebratory drinks, the wedding party stayed behind to snap some photos before joining the others. The way the setting sun was able to cast it’s light on the flowing bridesmaids dresses made for some really great shots of the girls walking along what appeared to be a deserted beach, lighting up the coral red hues perfectly.

And just like that, the evening swiftly progressed into a feast that would put many buffets to shame. Having arranged to have food catered to their private wedding location, it would seem everyone was a little taken aback by just how much food the husband/wife catering duo, through Villa Catering Service, was able to provide. The dishes seemed endless, and everyone’s minds were blown with both the amount of food, and the taste of the food. And, as was the theme for the entirety of the day, there was little planning related to the speeches. Lisa and Tyson opened the floor to whoever felt they had something to share, about themselves, about the couple, or about the trip in general. Once again, there was a plethora of laughs shared between the guests, with the occasional tear managing to sneak past and roll down several cheeks. This entire group of friends and family had electric energy, and it was painstakingly apparent that everyone had been waiting patiently, and perhaps not so patiently, for these two to finally say I do. Lisa and Tyson took their turn quickly, thanking everyone for making the trip to see them wed, and promptly going into their first dance of the evening. This was the first of many dances the couple would get the chance to enjoy, considering once the tables were cleared and everyone’s bellies were sated, it was nearly impossible to keep Tyson off the dance floor. His energy never faltered, and he kept his spirits high throughout the rest of the night. By this time, the drinks were flowing, generously poured, and everyone seemed to enjoy singing along to their favourite tunes, while taking intermittent breaks to do shots and cheers the newlyweds. With no limitations to the party they were throwing at Villa Sol y Luna, it is safe to assume that the excitement continued wee into the early hours of the morning.