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Tori & Spencer

A Perfect Winnipeg wedding at Southwood Golf & Country club

Tori & Spencer’s wedding was one for the record books, for more reasons than I can count. While it may be hard to believe, I’ve known our bride, Tori, her ENTIRE life. We grew up not only as neighbours, but as close family friends, with my father carpooling & working with her parents, and my mother as her daytime caregiver at her at-home daycare. Needless to say, when Tori & Spencer “popped the question” about us photographing their wedding, I was equal parts nervous as all hell, and ecstatic beyond words. Photographing loved ones that are near & dear to us can be challenging, as the pressure to capture it perfectly can sometimes feel extra daunting. Moving past that nervousness was easy, because talking with Tori & Spencer about their wedding day was easy. They’re both wonderfully nerdy & laidback folks, and together are the sweetest couple who, despite feeling nervous about being photographed all day, made it look effortless. And while I try really hard not to choose favourites, I’d be lying if I didn’t own up to fact that Tori & Spencer’s wedding is so obviously on that top 5 list.

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Tori & Spencer
Wedding Vendors
  • Groom’s Outfit
  • Ensemble: Moores
  • Bridesmaids
  • Dress: David’s Bridal
  • Groomsmen
  • Ensemble: Moores
Colour Palette:

First Dance
Michael Bublé – God Only Knows

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