We LOVE meeting new couples and families when arranging photo sessions whether it’s to celebrate a vacation, a recent engagement, anniversary or honeymoon. As with anything in life it’s important to plan ahead to make the best of our time together. Here are some great tips we offer those who we work with so we can create beautiful photographs together. Depending on the type of session we have together some of these may not apply but all are good rules of thumb regardless.

9 Ways to Plan for Your Perfect Destination Photo Session

Before Our Session

  1. Make sure you wear lots of sunscreen beforehand. 🌞 A bad sunburn never looks good in photos and while we offer basic editing (blemish removal, etc) we don’t edit sunburns.
  2. Stay hydrated and don’t drink too much the night before. Being hungover sucks, and the struggle will be real during our session. 🍹
  3. Speak with your hotel/resort and ask if it’s possible to remove your wrist bands for the photo session. If not possible, please ensure that her wristband is on the right wrist (the opposite of your wedding/engagement ring) and his is on the left wrist so we can mostly avoid unsightly plastic bands in your photos.
9 Ways to Plan for Your Perfect Destination Photo Session

The Day Of

  1. Wear nice, clean, comfortable clothing. You’re on the beach so keep it simple and comfortable. For ladies a flowy dress or skirt always adds a little something extra to photos and for guys, well hemmed pants or shorts with a crisp button down or polo looks great. 👔
  2. Bring water with you. It’s hot out, and we want to make sure you stay hydrated.
  3. Bring a small towel with you. Again, it’s hot out and you’ll be surprised how much you can sweat when taking photos, even if it’s just to dab sweat beads from foreheads. 
  4. Bring sunglasses. 🕶️ Most photos you won’t need them but it’s nice to rest your eyes between locations. The sun and sand are surprisingly bright.
  5. Wear sunscreen. We know this was already mentioned but it’s just that important and we don’t want you to get fried during our session.
  6. If your child has long hair, consider having it tied back during our session. For adults, unless it’s being professionally styled consider bringing a hair tie as the beach can be very windy and long hair can create difficulties.
9 Ways to Plan for Your Perfect Destination Photo Session