After plans to take Paula and Scott for an exploratory adventure at a long-since abandoned water park fell through, we had to be quick to brainstorm for a different location. We were hoping to find a place that would have a significant amount of foliage to utilize in photos, but also provide enough privacy to be able to be fun and spontaneous without spectators. Needless to say, a long walk to a less populated area of Patricia Beach was just the spot we were looking for, and the photos are a testament to that.

We were exceptionally lucky with the late July weather in Winnipeg, as it was a warm yet slightly windy day, with the perfect ratio of sunshine to cloud coverage. We set out in the afternoon, and shot through until the evening, taking advantage of as much of the daylight as possible.

The most thrilling part of this shoot was the surprise engagement element that was awaiting Paula. Scott had contacted us awhile back, being a close friend, and a previous photographic business partner, and indicated he wanted some beautiful photos with his girlfriend. Little did Paula know that this impromptu shoot would actually be her engagement proposal. And needless to say, she was surprised and thrilled, and those emotions definitely poured over into the photos.

A huge thanks to a wonderful afternoon, and a great surprise. It was an absolute pleasure to be part of such a special moment, and be trusted to capture it photographically as well.

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Paula & Scott