Alright. Where to begin? These bagels were FAR better than I could have EVER imagined they would be! They were superb, even on their own. Seriously, melt in your mouth. Everything about them was well worth the effort, and the patience, which I never have and is one of the main reasons I don’t like making anything that requires rise-times. But these were so worth it. Matt and I devoured them. It was hard not to. Learned a few valuable lessons, like using whole olives can be tricky, especially when attempting to roll out the logs to make the individual bagels. We had used less sliced olives and more whole ones, and I have made the amends to the recipe already, of what I would have done, rather than what we did. It is certainly nice to have full olives in there, as little random delicious surprises, just hard to work with so a minimal amount is ideal.

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