And here it is! Another year gone by, another bright and beautiful year ahead of us! Here’s hoping everyone had a lovely time celebrating the Holidays with an assortment of loved ones, enjoying copious amounts of food, drink, smiles and laughter. Cheers to bringing 2013 to a close, and with gusto we welcome 2014. There may be a bit of a Polar Vortex at our heels in many regions of North America, but let’s take this unexpected colder weather and allow it to fuel our excitement towards sunnier skies and greener pastures. ┬áIt is also important to note that, despite the frigid temperatures out there, the planning stages of many engagements and weddings still moves forward.

Realistically speaking, we have half a year in Canada to look forward to, and more importantly, half a year in Mexico to anticipate. As always, we are still booking engagements and weddings throughout the entire year, Montreal currently until June, and Mayan Riviera from July onward.

And on that note, here’s to a wonderful and exhilarating 2014, with many new adventures, challenges, hurdles and successes in our future!