So, with September being here already, comes our trip to Winnipeg to photograph our friends’ wedding, Paula and Scott! It should be a solid time, with some people near and dear to our hearts. This also means a much needed, and deserved, break from the constant heat and humidity we battle daily living in Playa del Carmen. Our days, every day, average about 34c, feels like 46c with the humidity, which seems to always be at 90% or higher. So, knowing these autumn temperatures happening back home currently has us both a little giddy to wear jeans, or leggings, and cardigans, t-shirts and hoodies.

Also, we are just finishing up the absolute final culling down from the wedding celebration of Jennifer and Lee James. For now, we will share a much needed teaser on our site! There’s minor detailed adjustments in the works for the website, and that will be a continual process until we leave 4 days from now. The days have completely flown by us, and it’s hard to imagine that we have lived in our recent Paradise for nearly 2 months now, and excited for many more month to come too!


It will be nice to reacquaint ourselves with family and friends we only recently left behind, but still weigh heavy in our hearts with thoughts and memories with everyone. This is the second visit to Winnipeg in one year, and am pleased to say that both visits had weddings to attend. As simply guests at a friend’s recent July wedding, and now as photographers and guests for Scott and Paula. It’s also going to be really exciting working with the couple again, considering how easygoing they were with their engagement session last summer .

And now, it’s Friday evening and a much needed visit to the beach is in order. It has been another long and productive week, so frolicking in waves and feeling sand between our toes seems the perfect way to welcome the evening.