When it comes to writing blog posts here, sometimes I wonder what is appropriate to write about, and what isn’t, and that feels all sorts of strange. I know I am writing this blog post on behalf of the company, and thus is should still be company related, or at least travel related, pertinent to both myself and Matt. But sometimes that feels weird. Sometimes I want to just write openly and honestly about my thoughts and feelings here, like a diary, like a personal blog may contain. Censoring myself, or holding back rather, sometimes leaves me feeling like I don’t really want to write anything at all. But then, my friend Nikita, posts a lovely blog post every now and again and brings back the urge and desire to just get something out there, something written. And I like that. I like that about her. And the way she ends up motivating me, from afar, considering she has been working and travelling through the Czech Republic and surrounding areas for….. the better part of 2014. Her stories, her emails, her words, motivate me to explore, and be happy with the adventure I’m currently on as well. Feel free to read some of her amazing blog posts.

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I think what’s most important here is that, even when things feel overwhelming, that I am not alone. That other people around me can be feeling a similar way, and it’s just that we don’t always talk about it. We don’t always blog about it. We don’t always let others in on the secrets, secrets of uncertainty, secrets of second-guessing, secrets of doubt…. We always keep up our façade of life is great. Life is grand. Especially when you’re doing something like “living the dream” and doing “something I could never do”. But it’s really not always sandy beaches and sunny skies. And no, I don’t just mean that sometimes it’s only 26c and overcast, I truly mean sometimes the sun is shining and all you want to do is go explore cenotes and ruins and the reality is, that’s not always possible. There is still work to be done. And there is still a need for relaxing. And sometimes you don’t necessarily want to go venture out in the sun and do those things. Sometimes money just isn’t there to fund such adventures. And I think it’s important to realize that, in the grand scheme of it all, that’s okay. We make it work to the best of our abilities, and that’s really all that I can expect of myself, and of us.

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We have been hard at work getting some perogies made for a few people who have requested some handmade delights. So, that has been an experimentation and challenge attempting to make them taste similar to how they would taste back home. In our past life in Winnipeg, we spent many a nights watching movies and pinching perogies for friends, family and co-workers interested in trying our traditional recipe of potato & cheese, as well as some of the gourmet ones we were offering, such as pesto, red pepper & provolone, Asiago & artichoke, and feta & spinach, to name a few. Since some ingredients are harder to come across here in Playa del Carmen, we are figuring out alternatives that still work as gourmet flavours. So far, so good, with a slight change to the feta accompaniment, with spinach being replaced by jalapeños, with Asiago cheese being replaced first with Bel Paese cheese but will likely be replaced with Parmesan at a later date, for more flavour. And then, of course, some other varieties that we’re still trying out. Here’s hoping our new friends like this interesting take on a traditional Ukrainian/Polish dish.

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And it should go without saying, that we have been busy preparing for a slew of upcoming weddings in first few months of the new year, as well as working hard on final touches for Susan and Mike’s wedding at Now Sapphire in November. We have been posting teasers here and there for the last month, which seems to be going over really well with the fans on Facebook and Twitter, but it also seems as good a time as any to be getting some of these teasers out for those of you who stumble upon our page from Google searches, or for the friends and family of ours who like to check in on our adventures in Mexico via the website rather than social media. So here’s a wee glimpse into some of the work we’ve posted so far, and anticipate the narrowed down final selection in the gallery early 2015. I’m sure between now and then, there should still be another blog post or two, sort of reliving the madness from the past 6 months of moving, and the 6 months leading up to the move. A lot seems to have happened this year, and when I start reflecting, I start feeling like I need more time to properly reflect. That seems like it would be better left revisited after we do our Christmas celebrating, and are just relaxing watching one of the many Christmas films we are downloading to enjoy through the Holidays, while we are away from family and friends from a distant past. So be warned, a reflective post will happen. And you have Nikita’s motivation to thank for that.

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