My incredible SO kneading the perogy shell dough… The dough needs to be perfect or they will fall apart when parboiling. The dough is a simple flour, water, egg, salt, milk, oil mixture.

It’s very important to let your dough sit. Don’t rush. We let it sit for at least an hour.

These are our two fillings. Typical perogies have potato and cheese filling, Sauerkraut or fruit filling but really anything goes. We like to get creative so these batches were potato with portobello and Swiss cheese followed by potato, roasted orange pepper and aged cheddar.

You need a solid flat surface to roll out your dough and cut the shells. We use a coffee cup to cut the perfect size. We also suggest a really good rolling pin. Back in Canada we used a marble one but here we use a beautiful Mexican hard wood solid rolling pin. I love those colours!!

My SO is the master at filling and pinching perogies, I do the rolling and the parboiling.

A bunch of tasty perogies waiting to be parboiled. You can’t use enough flour lol.

In the pot they go. We boil water with salt and oil so the perogies don’t stick to the bottom or each other.

Now they need to cool. These are our two batches. About 8 dozen total (there would be more but we ate a bunch while cooking)

The final product. Fried with butter or oil. Served with sour cream, bacon and onions… Though we don’t have bacon tonight or onions so that will have to wait. Perogies are also amazing deep fried and some just like them boiled.

How ever you like them it’s all good. They are delicious little pillows of potato, cheese and love.

Happy Ukrainian Christmas!!!!!!

P.S. If you want the dough recipe send us an email and we would be happy to provide.