For those of you that love to skim read, I will start this review by getting straight to the facts. Here are the top 3 reasons you NEED Jasmin and Matt as your destination photographers:

1. They are extraordinarily prompt – for someone like me that sits and watches the computer in anticipation of a reply, this was a major win {not to mention much easier on the eyes}. I was never more than an afternoon without a response {and believe me, I asked a lot of questions}.

2. They are tremendously organized – from the first point of contact to the actual shot you will appreciate their organization. Jasmin has the memory of an elephant {this is a good thing… and astounding in my world}. She remembered practically every photo example I shared with them on Pinterest and through email. This was important to me since I had a lot of subtle details that had tremendous meaning.

3. They are wonderfully fun – I don’t know about you, but this one matters to me a lot. There is nothing worse than an awkward photo shoot with someone mundane and rigid. Both Jasmin and Matt are quite the contrary. They are fun, lovable, free spirited and incredibly creative. Our time with them felt like time spent with friends {I was genuinely sad when our time ran out}.

Now for a more elaborate review… I’m not sure where to begin expressing my gratitude and satisfaction with Jasmin and Matt. I had originally booked with the hotel photographer for our wedding photos. I found myself obsessing over their website and trying to convince myself that the photos ‘weren’t that bad’… let alone trying to convince myself they were good. I was deterred from searching outside the resort for a photographer due to an extensive vendor fee ($800 USD!). I finally had enough and decided to listen to my gut. I searched the web for Cancun Wedding Photographers and every other possible variation of the phrase. I took my time to review all the websites and decided on a top three. I then emailed each of my top three choices and was beyond ecstatic when I got an email response almost right away from Jasmin and Matt. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the $800 USD vendor fee I struggled with would be worth it. Not only did Jasmine and Matt offer more for less (for example, two shooters, extended hours, and a creative session with the bride and groom) they were forthcoming and easy to communicate with. I very much appreciated this. Jasmine took the time to write extensive emails back and forth. She reassured me that it was common for resorts to charge the vendor fee and that although unfortunate it would be worth it. I put my faith in her. In hind sight, I’m sure glad I did. The second I cancelled the resort photographer and put down a deposit with Jasmin and Matt, I felt relief. I stopped obsessing over the resort website that displayed sub-par photos and began to get uber excited about what I saw on their website. My imagination started to run wild and I began to share example photos with them. Not once did they make me feel like I was being intrusive or overbearing. They embraced my ideas, encouraged creativity, and made me feel comfortable with the whole experience. I’m sure you’ve got the impression by now, but if you haven’t, photos mean a great deal to me. If someone told me there is only one thing I could have on my wedding day, I would choose a great photographer {assuming the wedding would already include my husband, of course lol}.

On our wedding day Jasmine and Matt were on time and began shooting immediately. Together we created a schedule beforehand and they diligently kept to it. The couple’s creative session was amazing {this occurred once we were done with bridal party photos}. I was thrilled with their ideas and direction. My husband is not one to love taking photos and somehow Jasmine and Matt made the whole experience enjoyable. We had a lot of laughs and fun during the shoot.

Dinner ran late which delayed the first dance, as well as the garter and bouquet tosses. Without missing a beat Matt offered to stay {for a charge} in order to capture these moments. I was so grateful for his offer and the fact they were willing to work after hours in order to capture all of our special moments. The extra time lead to some highly hilarious photos {drunken bridesmaids photos anyone?}; the idea came from Matt which had me giddy with excitement {this is SO my style of pictures}. I was beyond impressed with their creativity and ability to work alongside one another; their communication with one another is admirable.
We also scheduled a trash the dress session at the Cenote Azul. I have one word: WOW. The location was breathtaking. There was a serene peacefulness that set the mood. My husband and I agreed that this was one of our favorite days on the trip. It felt like a private excursion without the hustle and bustle. I cannot wait to see the pictures from this session. We got to catch a glimpse of a few shots from the cameras display and I was a thirteen year old girl squealing with delight on the inside.

I will, without a doubt, use Jasmin and Matt again for photography services. Saying I highly recommend them is an understatement. They are fantastic people, reasonably priced, and provide outstanding quality. You will not be disappointed {unless you don’t book with them – then you will be}.

And finally a heartfelt THANK YOU! to Jasmin and Matt.